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The About of Our Platform.

M-sHalt is a simple Social Network where buyers and sellers can have a conversation and even creat friendships between them by doing business in same time and stay connected

M-sHalt is automated system and it simple to used and convenient for people to sell and buy products, and offering differents oportunities for users by finding jobs and being able to apply or posting jobs from differents companies.

M-sHalt is online service which provide the fast, and secure way for consumers to trade  their products  in Global Market.

M-sHalt we’ve asking our self this biggest question after everyone upgrade or purchased new products is always what do I do with my old one if still in good condution? or this biggest question which come back one day in everyone is lives about where can i find a job.

So the answer was to creat an online service which can connect differents people with differents benefics to offer and differents talents to be explored and oportunities for everyone because all we do believe on M-sHalt is that we all deserve to be happy


The M-sHalt story began with the realization that if you can trade in a used car, you should be able to trade in other used  products. and where found differents people there’s a desire of comunicating among people so we decided to open new system where not only for business but for connecting people with different opportunities and by there A new business, a new way to reuse consumer products, and a new comminuty was born.

M-sHalt opened its doors in 2017 and began pioneering it operations of connecting people. We launched M-sHalt in December 2016 offering a simple online social network with lot of services with instant quotes and differents shipping methods, and things really began to take off. In 2018, we launched a store to sell certified pre-owned products.

Today, M-sHalt is a flourishing largest comminuty with differents business opportunities and connectivity platform.

We work B2B with our customers to enhance value and make good things happen in every part of the consumer electronics lifecycle.

That’s our story.

How can we help you?

Tings we don’t accepte to see in our platform is any related things to adult in our community and if we see one of those the owner will be immediately banned into our system without excuse for ever.

Some available options offering you for free:

Here is what more options you can do into our website for free:
promote your business  for free for 1 day.
Sell any products except drugs into our shop page for free for two months sell to the world without limitations.
If you are an employer or have jobs opportunities you can post your jobs into our platform for free and let jobseekers find you.
And many more options please visit our whole website and let us know if you have any questions.
Kind regards.
M-sHalt team

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